Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Club Meeting, 4 March 2018

Hi All,

In contrast to the previous week, this time we had lotsa hands on deck.  A full complement of executives, plus Judy, Derek, George, Greg, Paul, Rod and this scribe.  The usual suspects - Martin, George and Paul - got stuck into scenery.  (George was really stuck in, finger painting with PVA glue.)  To this we could add Geoff the Pres rearranging the buildings along Mousehole Main St and Geoff the Sec getting serious about his coal mine.  When he turns up with Davy lamp and pick axe I'll know he is really serious about coal mining.  Derek spent the afternoon getting back to where he was at the start of the session - three way points offer an interesting challenge when wiring up motors to operate in the correct sequence, and indicator lights that indicate something useful.  I made a late start on retro fitting under base Hatton's point motors at the East end of Sayer.  With two double slips and three points still to go, I need to develop a much better technique.

Late in the day we finally parked Bald Mountain in its allotted space under the baseboards, and promptly filled the space in the middle with the portable HO layout that will become our "This is how you do scenery" exhibit at shows.  George - being OIC this project - set Rod to work on it then went home.

Which brings me to shows.  Martin has been building up his stockpile of exhibitors for next year.  His appeal to members a few weeks ago produced layouts from Simon, Greg and myself.  Then there are three Club layouts - Bald Mountain, U-drive and the above scenery demo.  Ted Allan wants to bring his new narrow-gauge O scale layout, there is Shannon Tapia with an N scale layout and there is the new layout from Grossard Court.  We have had Hollowglen and Eyarth before, but both these have been extended, and both would like to return, so I think we can fill the Centre once again.

Geoff the Pres has offered to bring the Tim Tams next week - see you then (long weekend)


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