Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Club Meeting, 18 March 2018

Hi All,

Today's notes are somewhat skewed by my lack of knowledge of what people were up to.

As promised, Martin and I were at the model truck show at the RSL on Saturday and today.  Not at all like our version of a show.  It was essentially a competition - with lots of awards - for builders of plastic kits.  Public attendance seems to have been a very secondary consideration.  Lots of categories.  Predominantly trucks of all persuasions, but also army vehicles, planes, ships, motorbikes and miscellaneous.  Martin is trying to persuade me to 3D print a Dalek for the miscellaneous category.  All proceeds (entry fees and public admission) went to the CFA.  Organised by Renee and Nigel Lowe of Auslowe Models.  (Especially Renee, I think).  They have been in business for 25 years or so, and have recently moved into Cowes.  The "business" is making plastic truck model kits, and bits for them.  The principal common ground for us is that they stock paints (Humbrol and Tamiya) and glues, and a range of Plastruct and aluminium sections.  They are at 249 Settlement Rd, which is a house and shed, not a shopfront.

As for the rest of the mob, they spent their time scoffing Heather's sausage rolls - so I was gloatingly told.  The last point motor got installed and Derek is well on the way to getting control panels wired up.  A couple of roads were laid.  And no sooner did I turn my back than Stanley Creek Yard got bought out by an oil company.  The freight station and timber yard have been summarily moved over to make way for a refinery.  Such is the way of big money operators (i.e. our treasurer).

The collective mob has apparently decided that the first Sunday of a month will be a running day, so next week will be business as usual.  Then, on April 1st, we will run trains - no kidding.  That's when we find out how dirty the track is, which couplers need adjusting, which points don't work and which bits of track never got wired up.  And don't forget to put your clocks and watches back to EST.

Meanwhile, see you on the 25th

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