Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Club Meeting, 11 March 2018

Hi All,

A quiet start to the day yesterday, in that I was the only one there.  For about a minute.  By the time that I had walked round and opened the back door Geoff the Pres was there.  Then there was quite a lull.  Eventually we totalled eight, with every who does not live at Rhyll slowed by heavy traffic.  I hope that you have all made it home again by now.  Would have been an interesting drive home for George who is trying to be kind to a slipping clutch.  He can't get it fixed because the dealer is booked out replacing dodgy airbags.  Last time I had trouble with a clutch totally fail to transmit any torque I was about mid-way between Borroloola and Burketown.  Before satellite phones.

Progress at CSCC?  Every point on the layout now has a motor fitted (bar one).  Every point in the Stanley Creek yard is now fully functional (bar one).  Beginning to sound more like a wild west ranch than a train layout.  However, now that he has mastered his first 3-way point, the ones at Mousehole and Sayer should be sooo easy for Derek.  George worked the quarry for a while, then made templates of various parts of the layout that we know will never be finished.  David laid ballast at John Falls, then he and I failed to find why his X Class will not go.  Neither will anything else on his home layout, so there has to be a magic button that needs to be unpressed.  (no, not the 240volt one).   Dale and Grant discussed scenery, without actually doing anything.  Judy laid out Geoff's mint Tim-Tams for us to enjoy at smoko.

Next week Martin and I will be flying the Club Flag at the RSL exhibition, and encouraging any one who shows interest to call in at the club.  Can you please keep the extension leads under control.  Or even clean up the main line near the tunnel and have a running day.  Times for the exhibition are 2pm to 5pm Saturday and 10am to 4pm Sunday.  (I think)


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