Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Club Meeting 25 March 2018

Hi All

It has been a while since I awoke to the sound of rain beating on the window.  And, however much the garden may be enjoying it I feel no inclination to go out there and join in the celebrations.  So I sit here, snug and dry, and think back to a pleasant yesterday afternoon.

Prize for question of the day has to go to David "Should I ballast the track...?"  When did any of us say "No" to that?  So the South end of the branch line continues to grow more beautiful by the week.  Other compass points, too.  Geoff the Pres turned up with a truckload of tarmac.  Actually, it was a pot of dark grey paint but nevertheless, under the expert direction of Dale, a road was laid in Mousehole, together with pavements and a school fence.  Out in the wilds of the West, Geoff the Sec was risking life and finger working lineside as the Flying Scotsman thundered past.  I swapped the Scotsman for a couple of old (1950s) model aero engines some years ago.  It is out of place on my home layout, so the Club layout is its new home, ready for anyone who is in the mood to run a mainline express.  Derek would disappear from time to time, create a short circuit, then reappear smiling when all was well once again.  It was all Rod's fault, in the end.  More and more points are responding to having a button on a control panel touched.  Did you know that we have a touchy feely layout?  Not quite the the usual connotation - our touching is done with an electric prodder.  Jack showed up with a cough that he wanted to get rid of, so now you know who to blame.  Martin continued his efforts in his canyon - still looking for Clementine, perhaps, and showed us at smoko his plans for next year's show.  I failed to get Western Packaging to fit into their new site, so the factory has gone away for more drastic measures.

A very welcome visitor was Ron Wrigglesworth, who we usually see at our show quietly making a relic of some Aussie outback building, and cheerfully chatting to visitors.  This chatting feature is not to be under rated.  It is very important is making our event a friendly place for the paying public.  It is a major difference between our show and an art show, or museum, or some other shows I have attended.  And Ron cannot stop changing his own layouts and pulling out last year's scenery.  We already have a number of his superseded buildings (mostly still in Cupboardus Giganticus) and now we have a magnificent shearing shed and yards to complement our farm to be. 

Paul arrived very late bearing a mysterious box - his excuse was that he had been laying decking, but he didn't bring a note so we cannot be sure.  He also produced an almost endless string of reasons that he will not be at the Club next week.  Just to remind you, next week is a running day, and we did get the track cleaned and trains running at the end of the day so all is set to go.  It is also the day that clocks go back an hour, and April Fools get their turn.  Regardless, if you want a piece of raspberry pi, then bring your smart phone and be with us.  Neanderthal carnivores are still welcome - just plug in a Digitrax throttle and away you go.

See you next Sunday

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