Friday, 17 November 2017


Hi All,

Brief notes this time.  I do like our new home - I think that there were fourteen of us there - including Geoff the Sec and Alan sawing up great lengths of wood in the middle of us all - and there was still room to move.  Of course, with Jack back the noise level was well up and the relevance of the comments was well down.  Even Martin's non-sequiturs do not hold a candle to Jack's.

The diesel railcar and the EMU were back to running smoothly.  On getting them home, I found that the only problem they had was the amount of dirt caked onto the wheels.  Can it be co-incidence that they used to operate on the branch line on the old layout and, being at the back, this track was harder to clean?  Another thing to wonder about - the EMU picks up power from the first and the last of its six bogies.  These were the only wheels that had dirt stuck to them.  Because they are the first wheels to encounter dirty track, or does the electric current flow attract dirt?

Next weekend is the Seniors open day, and we had a great tidy up and clean up at the end of the day.  The down side is that we will never find anything again, but the public image is much improved.  A few of us will be there Friday afternoon setting things up, and a few more on Saturday to run things, then Sunday we get to doing our own thing again.  But leaving things tidy for the BMRA visit the following Thursday.  

Busy as a bee with a bum full of honey.

See you somewhere,

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