Friday, 17 November 2017


Hi All,

This getting to the point where it is not so much a report on last week, but is a reminder for this week!

I don't think anything major occurred.  We had two chiefs, but Martin keeps such a low profile as to be practically invisible.  Paul brought in what he called a rough mockup of the lighthouse for Port Gary.  Most of us would have have been pretty proud of it as the end product.

Last week I noted that one of the points was happy to accept Hornby rolling stock, but consistently de-railed our USA locos and cars (wagons).  I put such notes in these reports to see if some one out there has a solution.  Our low profile Vice President came back with the news that glueing a thin strip of plastic to the guard rail had worked on his layouts in the past.  As is happens, that was what I was going to try - but it is so reassuring to hear that it is a proven fix.  The point at the club is now fixed.

The Senior's Open Day is bearing down on us (14th Oct) and I believe that we intend to get some trains running on Sunday.  Much better to show things working than to explain why they are not.

See you on Sunday - and remember to put clocks forward


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