Friday, 17 November 2017


Hi All,

Back on schedule again, but don't think that means you will find out what happened.  There were so many there that I ran out of fingers to count'em, let alone keep track of what every one was up to. But we did not fall over each other - what an improvement!

I know that Barrie called in briefly, to check progress and pay his subs.  Alan, who had recently been working to join the occasional members group, was there.  Helen was not, and the biscuits that I took along were a poor substitute.  Jane came by to rip George away all too soon.  Paul started to move a mountain (into place) and Geoff the Sec continued with his shelving project.  Geoff the Pres was welcomed back - boy, did he get out of Las Vegas at the right time! - and gave Dale assistance with fascia strips.   Martin installed a trestle bridge, Derek crawled around the floor wiring things up, and Greg did not.  Judy brought me up to date with her campaign (that's longer than a battle) to get our show listed on the Shire website.  Dave contemplated the new town planning requirements for John's Falls and I saw Rod looking dangerous, hammer in hand, while he spoke severely to track pins that were sticking up.  I installed point motors at Sayer until the three-way point defeated me - there's always next week.

At tea I tabled the letter from the Shire confirming this year's grant.  Then Geoff the Sec forgot that it was the first Sunday of the month, and did no more than point out that it is time that we came up with a name for our nameless branchline station.  So please give it some thought and share it with the rest of us.  Those present know that Geoff's favourite at the moment is something aboriginal, such as Gingin.  Or was that Gin Gin?

After tea we cleared (some) stuff off the track, and tried to get things running.  Some locos behaved, some have been taken away for maintenance.  Next week, more clearing up and further efforts to make the room look presentable, and to get things running reliably for the open day on the 14th.  

See you on the 8th


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