Friday, 17 November 2017


Hi All,

It was a quiet day at the Club.  Dale was there, and some other fella (ah, that would have been me).  It was even quieter after Dale left early to avoid the traffic.

However, some useful things happened.  Dale did some serious sorting out in the store room - initially prompted by my asking if he had seen my x, y and z that been victims of the recent tidying up process.  We found those, and then he decided to make a day of it.   I concentrated on the 3 way point in the Stanley Creek yard.   Because we use the above board point motors we are unable to use the Peco clip-on switches that they recommend for switching power to the three frogs within the point.  Small micro-switches with a light throw force seem to do the job mechanically and electrically.  Ugly, though.  Some scenic treatment required, I think.  Also, because there is a close, parallel track at one side, there is no room for a micro-switch. So both motors have to be on the same side.  So one of them has to lie along the curved track.  So the well wagon cannot go down that track - well it better not need to.  All this was accomplished to a background of sounds along the lines of  "So that's where it got to.  I'd forgotton we had these.  Well, that can go in the rubbish. ..."

And third hand reports suggest that the BMRA tour was a success, so thanks to everyone who opened their layouts to the mob.

See you on the 29th


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