Thursday, 31 May 2018

Club Meeting 27 May 2018

Peter Foden

28 May (3 days ago)
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Hi All

The walking wounded are starting to return.  Geoff the Pres was there again, still with piratical patch over one eye but much happier in spirit than a week ago.  Alan, too, now allowed out on his own and looking much better than he has done for quite some time.

I had taken steps to enact plan B for the three-way point, mounting the recalcitrant motor on its own base which had oversize mounting holes to make for easy adjustment.  I mounted it and, naturally, it worked straight away with no further adjustment.  Having totally failed to understand Derek's wiring diagram, I abandoned the point and switched from the digital side of modelling to the analogue.  That is, from things that either work, or they don't, to things that are a matter of opinion - scenery.  In my case, the Stanley Creek yard.  In Dale's case it was anything but the paddock around the shearing shed.  Later there were, as George described them, six cooks gathered around that particular broth trying to find excuses for a creek to disappear.

                                     'Twas a Working Day, Obviously

George and Rod, and Alan too, spent the day at Trossingen, busy with polystyrene, bread knife, PVA glue, and (ultimately) the vacuum cleaner.  Martin was probably responsible for a tree that I had not noticed before, growing on the river flat at the bottom of his gorge/canyon/chasm that has been carved by the un-named river near Mousehole.  There are plenty of such features in Devon - often originally spanned by a Brunel wooden fan viaduct - so we need a suitably west country name for that waterway.  Martin, about to join the overseas members group, has also left us with an over-bridge that is wide enough for a tank engine to pass through, provided that no one gives it an extra coat of paint.  

Geoff the Sec has given us remarkably little trouble recently and continued quietly in the same vein, turning white plaster brown(ish), then green(ish), then vegetated(ish) around the Steward region.

We enjoyed Nancy's cake that I shall describe as chocolate sponge, and Geoff the Pres has offered Diane as next week's benefactor.

Next week, being first Sunday of the month, will be a running day, after we get errant scenery scraped off the rails.

See you

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