Thursday, 31 May 2018

Club Meeting 20 May 2018

Hi All,

Every time that I go out to try to do something in the garden, it starts to rain.  I know when I am beaten, so here I am at the keyboard.

Sunday was one of those days when we at sixes and sevens.  It just depended when you took the roll call.  Geoff the Pres was there, looking very piratical with a big patch over one eye.  Not feeling very jolly, though.  He was trying to decide which was worse - the pain, or the side effects of the pain killers.  We sent him home with Diane and our best wishes.  Best wishes also to Alan who is reported to be making good progress from his operation.  And to Grant, who continues to find excuses for not finishing the church.

Then we were six.  There was a suggestion that we might rename ourselves as the Phillip Island and Overseas Members Club.  Five out of the country at the moment, and another three due to go in the next couple of months.

Of those still marooned on this Island, even George and Rod were away in spirit, working at Trossingen, way back in 1919.  Closer to home, Dale was making life hard for himself, trying to create a creek near the shearing shed.  The hard bit is that creeks have to come from somewhere and go to somewhere.  And water flows downhill.  Above the shed is a double track main line.  Below the shed is a double track main line.  Neither was laid with provision for a creek to pass under them.  My own thought is that the creek could have dried up, and the sheep would be very happy to drink from your typical farm dam.

                                                                   Finally, the Logs Arrive

Martin squeezed a cattle dock onto the short line between Mousehole and the quarry, and Geoff the Sec continued to quietly progress the scenery around Steward.  I checked the 3-way point at Sayer and found that one set of blades works just fine, the other switched in one direction but would not return.  Not admitting defeat, (yet) I had about six attempts at realigning the motor.  By now the baseboard looks to have a severe case of woodworm, borer, or other noxious pest, and the point still does not operate.  Plan B next week.

At smoko I did indeed bring Tim Tams.  Dale has promised us something better for next week.  Thank you, Nancy.  Rod enquired, and Martin gave an update on planning for next year's show.  I quote verbatim: "Visiting layouts that have advised, either verbally or in writing, they will be attending are Grossard Court (HO), Ray Eldridge (Vintage O), Ted Allan (O Narrow Gauge), Shannon Tapia (N American). There are two other layouts that have been invited. One is N Australian and the other HO Narrow Gauge. They are yet to advise if they will be coming. At this stage there are four people requiring accommodation - Ray Eldridge, Ted Allan and Shannon & Krystal Tapia." Just for a change, Bald Mountain will be the biggest layout. In truth, it is quite big.

Hopefully, I will see some of you next week,

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