Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Club Meeting 13 May 2018

Hi All,

Some days at the Club remind me of Garrison Keillor and "A Prairie Home Companion".  He always used to open his monologue with "It's been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon...".  On Mothers' Day, it was a quiet day at the Club, with only six diehards in attendance.  Acoustically quiet, too.  Alan still not travelling after his operation, and Judy in Japan, so no one doing the rounds making conversation.  And no Jack.

Rod and George were busy in SW Germany again, with the aim of having all the scenery stuck in place before Derek gets back.  That's so that the layout can be stood on end to make wiring easier.  I did ask George the name of the station.  Foolishly, I thought that I could remember it.  Should have remembered that I have trouble remembering my own name these days.  Forgot that, too.

Dale had brought the finished brick wall to close the glaring white gap at the foot of the backscene behind Stanley Creek yard, and that has much improved the appearance.  He was then joined by Geoff the Pres and they continued to tart up Mousehole.  Geoff the Sec busied himself with planting trees, weeds and undergrowth along the main lines behind Steward and the overall appearance continues to improve.

I had another of those "where is he?" days, hiding beneath Sayer yard fitting Hatton's motors to replace the above board Peco point motors that were not up to driving the 3 way point.  Next week I will power them up, and find out whether I was wasting my time.  If all is well, then I can have another happy upside down afternoon fitting microswitches to them and, perhaps, trying to fathom Derek's wiring diagram of cunning wiring that drives each of two motors the correct way to select the desired track with but a single touch.

No mention of goodies at smoko, 'cos no one brought any.  We also forgot to plan for next week, so I will bring the Tim Tams.

'Til the 20th

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