Sunday, 9 July 2017

9 - 7 - 2017

Hi All,

For some reason, "rollicking" comes to mind as the word for yesterday's activities.

For a start, it was the school holidays and Geoff the Pres arrived with one small person as escort.  Then Rod came with an horde (they did not stand still for long enough for me to count them).  This lot were consigned to the learning curve layout and relative calm descended on the bedlam around the new layout.  Grandpa still had to duck out occasionally to give an umpires decision on fair play in the other room.  I did not see any red cards handed out.

Geoff the Sec ( having arrived independently of Dale), Rod and I dominated various sections of the infield, laying main line track.  Derek , having drilled little holes all over the place, spent most of the time on the floor poking wire up through the little holes to Trevor.  Who is Trevor?  He is the bloke who came to visit Derek for a quiet weekend.  Meanwhile, George had arrived , bringing Jane in some futile attempt to prove that he played trains on a Sunday afternoon, rather than visiting his Cowes mistress.  Sad, really!  When Grant showed up, this lead to the formation of the BDS (Branchline Debating Society) - Dale, Geoff the Pres, George and Grant - starting from a completely new Mousehole station layout, moving baseboards to new levels, cutting river valleys, designing trestle bridges, surveying for a Portland rock quarry, and generally creating the usual mixture of order and chaos in an anti-clockwise direction.  Helen and Judy threaded a circumspect route through all of this - then vanished, shortly to reappear with the news that tea was ready.  I am sure that there were 10 of us around the tea table - who have I missed?

We spoke a little about the sign that might be mounted on the back of the Hall.  I think the current sate of play is that it will simply say "Model Train Club" and have the Club's web site as a contact point.  Not finally settled.  I have received some information about PWM controllers from a fellow in WA, if any of you DC dinosaurs want to improve slow speed running without going to DCC.  George had bought a job lot of USA rolling stock that included some freight stock that is too long for his home layout.  If you are interested in acquiring 70' or 80' gondolas, oil tankers, box cars etc give him a call.  

Then it was back to hammering in track pins, slicing baseboards, or wagging tongues.  George left early, which gave Geoff the Sec an opening to join the BDS, in time to arrive at Port Gary.  When I, too, left a little early, they were in full song.  By next week I expect to learn that Port Gary has developed into a full blown container terminal fit to rival Shanghai.

Looking forward to next week


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