Sunday, 2 July 2017

2 - 7 - 2017

For most of us - a lazy Sunday.  Not so for Derek and Ankie, David and Joyce, who hosted us at Inverloch.  "Us" was a fairly orderly group - Geoff and Diane, Dale and Nancy, Alan and Denise, Judy and me.  Then there was the unruly contingent - Bingley (who was well received by Benny).

Derek's N gauge layout may never be finished, but it is certainly complete and not much changed since our previous visit.  But, in the other half of the shed, there is "The BOX".  I will not attempt to describe it - you will just have to wait until it arrives on the Club layout.  And then, some one other than David had to wire up David's extension.

Which is as big as many people have for a whole layout.  Three main lines, Korumburra Station, scenery, buildings, backdrops (Joyce's touch again).  Only one diesel running, too.  K and J Class locos were working the main line, a D Class tank in the yard and couple of R Classes on shed.   No ballast yet, but I did spot a newly arrived box containing an "Electronic automatic ballast laying device" or words to that effect.  The job is probably finished even as I write this.

Back to the Clubrooms next Sunday.  Plenty to do.  Just turn up and Dale will find you a job.


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