Sunday, 16 July 2017

16 - 7 - 2017

Hi All,

Firstly, welcome to new member Paul.   On the very day that we enacted an environmental control process - on days that that are super cold (or super hot) we now close the big doors.  Late comers need not despair, we now have a door bell.  All it needs is for some one to give a damn, and open the door for you.

I forgot to mention in last week's notes that Dale has paid the Seniors Club fees for all of our members, so any one who wants to attend the Seniors AGM is entitled to do so, and vote.  It is to be held on this coming Friday (July 21st) after their lunch.  More than that, I do not know.  Coming Senior's events include a Birthday Bash on 8th Sept (whose Birthday?) and an Open Day on 14th Oct. - that's a Saturday.  Over our next few meetings we should decide what we might do on the open day

Yesterday?  Perhaps the major short term achievement was that the double track main line loops were closed.  That's a fair bit of track - near as you like to 3 scale km on each line, or 2 minutes for a lap at 90 kph.  Another major event was the arrival of "The BOX",  brought in by Derek and David, sagging slightly at the knees.  Those who went to Inverloch had a preview, but all I can say for now is that it is a major upgrade on the power supply system we had on the old layout. 

Need I say that the BDS (Branchline Debating Society) continued unabated, albeit with a change in membership.  I should be more careful with my tongue-in-cheek comments.  it seems there is every likelihood that Port Gary will indeed be able to unload containers.  It turns out that Paul - like George - is very interested and capable in the scenery department, and he has taken away one corner of the layout to transform it into Port Gary.  Other than that, I saw that variously coloured squiggly lines had appeared on the branchline side of the divider, and I suppose that these might become the site for railway tracks one of these days.

Tea was pretty ordinary - only Seniors packet biscuits on the menu.  Definitely one of the drawbacks of only having ten white, male etc etc. in attendance.  Geoff the Sec passed around a couple of suggestions for the sign on the back wall, and the consensus was for using the roller coaster steam train logo that has been featured on our Show promo material for a number of years, together with "Model Railway Club" and the Club web address.  This latter, if you look it up, has contact details.

As a PS to The BOX,  Derek went to the clubrooms today and, uninterrupted by the helpful hordes, installed and connected many droppers along the main line loops, and assures me that there are no shorts.  After driving home many protruding track pins, we might get our first trains running next week.  If not, it is only a couple of weeks until Derek and Greg are back, and after that it is their fault if nothing runs.

Next design and build contract is for the freight yards on the main line - suggestions welcome.

See you on the 23rd


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