Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Club Meeting, 7th January 2018
Hi All,

Good to see so many of you looking fresh and frisky in this new year.  As predicted, a few of the workaholics did some work.  Most of us did not do anything too serious either before or after the tea break..

A friend of Paul (another David) from Kilmore called in for the afternoon.  An enthusiast of the LNER persuasion, he must have one of the best equipped workshops outside of a factory - looking through his photos of projects I could see a decent lathe, a hydraulic press, pieces that must have been milled and items that demonstrated competence with a welder.  How many all steel turntables do you know of in 4mm?  Drool, drool.

Serious business of the day was confined to finalising show arrangements and jobs.  On Friday (12th) it would be good to have a couple of able bodied blokes at the Seniors shortly after 9am to load up Bald Mountain, the U-Drive, and all their associated bits and bobs.   If it is raining we will move everything in my van, if it is fine then utes are useful.  Dale will be at the Cultural Centre by 10am (unless he tells some one else to be) to collect keys and open up the Hall.  Most of you can go straight there.  I don't expect any of the visiting exhibitors to show up until the afternoon so the morning should be clear for us to concentrate on setting up our own stands.

So, until Friday, or Saturday, or Sunday,

See you

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