Sunday, 28 January 2018

Club Meeting, 28th January 2018

Hi All

Eight hardy souls battled their way to the Club, plus one visitor who was in Cowes anyway.  What a day for traffic!  Australia day weekend, Classic Motorbikes at the circuit, last weekend of the school holidays.  40°c in the shade.  The poor old tourist road was not in the shade, and melted.  Great lumps are presumably stuck to somebody's wheels - they're certainly not on the road base any more.  Traffic at a standstill from the koala reserve to somewhere past Grantville.  So the story goes - I did not check it out personally.

That's a great airconditioner in our layout room.  Two turntables arrived under Greg's arm and are now in place.  The one at Mousehole is well advanced, thanks to Rod, while the one at Sayer is less advanced, thanks to me.  Geoff and Geoff did stuff with the coal loader thing near the soon to be renamed Gingin.  Dale found things that no one else could find, Judy chatted and organised us for tea, Jack flew a drone - fortunately in the main hall, so the layout was safe.  Our visitor (lives in Sunshine, so not a prospective member) thought the layout was great, particularly impressed by ease of access, and ability to run long trains.  Then went off to collect his family and enjoy the drive home.

                                                                 In memory of two legends

Geoff the Sec wants to discuss a few things next week to find out in which direction we wish to head - he will be sending out some hints about the topics this week.  Usual story - if you can't be with us, then send him an email.

See you on the 4th


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