Saturday, 26 November 2022

Our Annual Train Show is Coming Up !


Michael's Layout ! Well Done !!!


Michael has come a long way since he joined our Club and he is progressing very well with his own Layout. Like a lot of us, the joy is in the building, it is a labour of love !

Michael loves building kits !
I love his water scenes !
He is a bit of a collector, this is a 009 Double Fairlie......
Great tug boat, another kit.
The brick work is very effective !
A bit of the overall view of the layout.
An overall view, from another angle !

Some of the boxes if You want to know what he used.....

Just love the brick work in the last two scenes !
The buildings are outstanding & really make the layout come alive !

This round house kit is all metal.
A very nice street scene.
The tug boat kit.
Made up !
It looks terrific !
Love the Arches !
Just have to find a place for this one ?
Some strip shops for the layout.....
These terrace houses will look good on the layout !
The Railway Station in the background is a masterpiece!
I think this is the Brewery ?
The coal stage.
Part of the docks area.
The other Station.
I love the Battle Ship,  this is where it all started.....The Battleship came first !

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Saturday, 30 July 2022

A Working Day at the Train Club !

Is this a place for a Village ???
While I was away, all these trees sprouted up, must be the fertilizer they are using ?
Wow !    More Trees !!!
The Goods Train ended up in the Quarry !   These things happen on a Working Day !!!
I like the VR diesel hanging out of the Engine Shed.....
The Coal Stage servicing a Loco.
Somewhere to park the crane, when it's Not Working !
The trees that have popped up while I've been away.  It's amazing !
That light pole has a hell of a lean on it.  The Tardis has landed ( appeared) on the Station. Where is Doctor Who ???  Somebody has died on the Platform ?
A very nice scene.....
Take Two !
There is that Coal Stage again.....
We are working on an Exhibition Layout here, in the back room.
Loco at reast in the Industrial Area, in the background You can see the hand of God !
Fencing is a work in progress.  It is a Working Day !
The Cattle Yard.   Mooooo !!!
We are coming around to the Dock Area now !
Nice Signal Box going in Here !   A work in Progress ?
They have found a use for all those trees ???  They make good timber !
The Oil Refinery is looking good !   Good price for the products too !!!
I like the hedge made out of kitchen scourer pads.....What a good idea !
This is our First Aid Kit !

More on the First Aid Kit !