Saturday, 8 May 2021

Our Club Layout from all Angles ! Ideas for Your Layout.

    More tracks for the Docks Area.
     Its all happening, the painters are still painting the side of the ship !
    The End of the Line !
     The road is being resurfaced. New sidings to the port.
    Geoff has been working hard on the lighting. The platform lighting looks good.

     Loco at rest.....

    At the Platform.
     Coal stage. You have to watch out for yellow crocs.
     It is getting dark, at the quarry.
    An interesting Engine Shed.
     A train coming through.
    Another crane.
    Engine shed & water tower.
     Another Shed.
    Peter shunting again.....
    The Saw Mill.
     Part of the Mine.
     Shunting at the Docks.
                         Rail motor at the Station.
     The Oil refinery.

     The saw mill.
     Working on the lighting.
     Hard work, under the layout.
     I hope he has the right wire.
                         Working on the refinery.
                         Is it finished ?

    Club Loco looks good, along side the factory..
    A nice loop.....
    A lorry heading towards the Docks.
     Is this a Javlin ?   It is a fast train & there are a few in the Club, which is the fastest ???
    The turn table, it looks like we need a few more sidings for Locos !