Sunday, 10 September 2017

10 - 9 - 2017

Hi All,

As promised it was demolition day.  I think that everybody - bar Derek and Greg - had a spell in the long room, tearing down the remains of our learning curve.  

Our two sparkies devoted their time to laying in wires and continuing the discourse on raspberry pies.  For the rest of us it was out with the electric drills, who's got the bit for these bl--dy square head screws, ouch I didn't see that screw tip sticking out, pass me the crowbar - no make that the hammer, and give us a lift with this.  By time to go home the long room is clear and clean, apart from one lonely piece of bench, Geoff the Sec's trailer was loaded high and wide if not handsome, and a  bunch of old men were wandering about saying "Don't know about you, but I'm st-ff-d"

We had the sense to break off at one point to sample scones with jam and cream, and talk earnestly about same sex marriage - no one present had any first hand experience, so it was a bit one sided.

Our thanks to the effort put in by Geoff tS, Dale, Martin, Judy, George, Helen, Rod, David, and the sparkies of course.

Next week we should be back to building rather than destroying.


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