Thursday, 27 December 2012

Phillip Island Senior Citizens Club Open Day 20.01.2013

Our next big event after the Annual Train Show, was the Phillip Island Senior Club Open Day and did we have some Fun & Games, below is Ian's Report:-
 To the people who came to our DCC running day will know we had a major DCC shutdown, but we did get to run when my personal DCC box was setup & ran with no more trouble. After my dinner & shower I looked on the Digitrax help pages I copied down what they said to reboot the command box. This morning I have just followed what was written to reboot & low & behold it is going on my layout. I will keep this on trail at my place till our next meeting  At our next meeting I will copy the instructions down & insert into the DCC file if a similar problems occur again. Here I was thinking the club would have to send me to the USA to get the command box fixed.
I still think the problem was caused by someone running with plastic wheels !!!!!. 
 Ian.                                   ( Don't believe the last sentence, Web Master).
                                          A mad keen up & coming New Member with his Mum.
                                         I think he likes that VR Guards Van in the fore ground.
                                          Running multiple trains!
                                         More Trains!
                                          Ian's  got a few more grey hairs!
 Jack's home made gum tree, if you look closely, you will see the maggie & the koala sitting in the branches!
                                                Some buildings to go up against the wall.

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